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About me:

Jerry Pilewski USNA ‘97

Like most folks on this site, I am driven to a career that serves a greater good. That originally manifested in 20+ years as a Surface Warfare officer; now I help others bring their passion to life through the medium of successful business. I believe that successful businesses run with integrity are the key to a sustainable society.

I was a career Surface Warfare Officer with a non-traditional career pipeline. At sea, I was Cruiser/Destroyer focused through being selected to DDG command. My tours away from haze-grey hulls included the CNO Strategic Studies Group, Tomahawk Officer for FIFTH Fleet (in ’01-’02), Deputy EA for OPNAV N8 (Navy budget) in the Pentagon, XO for Special Ops Central, and the only non-Suppo Fleet N4. AKA – I liked a variety of environments and challenges. I thought the civilian translation of that was going to be as a consultant for one of the big firms. I knew nothing of business coaching.

Short version: I learned that business coaching is a much better fit for me than consulting. I’d much rather teach someone to fish than give them one. I like the accountability piece. I like the partnership. I enjoy helping others build amazing companies that treat people with dignity and respect. Build the company with integrity and purpose, and profit is a natural result.

Coaching programs are NOT created equal. That’s what drove me to FocalPoint.

About FocalPoint:

Joining FocalPoint augmented my military experience with exceptional content proven across nearly every industry. More importantly, FocalPoint operates like a great wardroom/staff. We are highly collaborative, enjoy each others’ company, and are squarely focused on a greater good. That collaboration is both in our emotional DNA and financial structure – our model is not similar to a typical franchise.  In fact, though technically a franchise, we are not a franchising company; we are a coaching company. Success is measured by value delivered to clients versus number of people with a FocalPoint name badge.

FocalPoint is an elite group of Certified Business Coaches and Trainers operating around the world. We offer proven Coaching and exclusive content to business owners, self-employed professionals, business executives, and their teams. We are committed to business improvement and serving our local communities and regions.

As a FocalPoint franchisee, you will own your own business, while receiving support, training, and mentorship from FocalPoint and your fellow Business Coaches. FocalPoint will provide the brand and support to help you become established faster. We will also provide the proven curriculum, course materials and processes to help you grow and establish your business.

This is NOT a good fit for everyone and, even if you are motivated by the words above, you will not be invited to join until we get to know each other. For those for whom this is the right two-way fit, I look forward to you joining the family! E-mail me at jpilewski@focalpointcoaching.com. Please let me know you learned of us through SABM; they are doing great things here!

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