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Urgently hiring! Engineering and R&D company building models for Hollywood and other major industrial clients! Seeking a Mechanical/Electro-Mechanical Engineer.

The Position: Mechanical/Electro-Mechanical Engineer

Compensation: Between $120-150K + significant bonus + stock plan

MilSpec Talent is a boutique headhunting firm that helps our clients get connected with top talent in the industry. We work with mid-career, industry-experienced Veterans with 3-15 years of proven success in the private sector. For our contingency recruitment partners, we provide this value with minimal risk.

This position is for a growing, private business near Los Angeles, CA! This company performs on jobs from Hollywood special effects, to high-temperature metal forming, to professional astronomical instruments. The company is known for the great care we take with clients and employees alike.

Over the years, they have relied almost solely on word-of-mouth recommendations to bring in our business, and they have grown organically to meet the demand for the services and products they offer.

Some key accomplishments for the company include:

  • Design of the world’s largest digital servo control system (at the time) used for the two hydraulic snakes in a Hollywood movie
  • Design of optics mounts for some of the world’s largest spectrographs for the Keck and other telescopes
  • Design and fabrication of the highest performance gas pressure control system in regular industrial use, accurate to 0.1 psi over a 1000 psi range with a resolution better than 0.02 psi
  • Design and fabrication of the world’s fastest research telescope mount, used in the RAPTOR and ROTSE programs
  • Design and fabrication of the highest precision MTF measurement system used in a production environment
  • Design and fabrication of a linear actuator capable of supporting 100 kg (220 lbs) with a position resolution of 2 nm over a stroke of 5 mm. The actuator has no rolling or sliding parts and dissipates less than 2 Watts


  • Experience in an immersive technical project (collegiate project teams or professional settings)
  • Experience in directly designing and building automated machinery or robots
  • CAD skills (any platform)
  • Demonstrated hands-on fabrication skills
  • High deep fluency with engineering first principles
  • BS, MS in an engineering field. Ph.D. is not overkill!
  • Ability to integrate electronic components into mechanical designs (motors, controllers, sensors, etc.)
  • Experience with machining, sheet metal, injection molding, and 3D printing


  • Own hardware from concept generation to real world use
  • Use first principles physics as a basis when needed
  • Use prior examples, previous experience as a basis when appropriate
  • Lead design reviews, run analysis, visit vendors, define and execute hardware test plans
  • Build prototypes, analyze failures, and transition successful projects into production
  • Support critical hardware demonstrations with customers as needed
  • Travel to installation sites as needed

About MilSpec Talent

MilSpec Talent searches for exceptional veteran talent with proven leadership success and 3-15 years of private sector experience. Our candidates are hand-picked and carefully screened to demonstrate a history of building teams, shaping cultures, and driving results in both the military and civilian sectors. Many are from Service Academies and from the Special Operations community. Moreover, we assess values-based characteristics captured in our 5 Tenets: 1) "We" not "Me" Mindset; 2) Clear Character in Chaos; 3) Grit with Grace; 4) Self-Confidence through Self-Awareness; and 5) Continuous Growth and Adaptability.