Transitioning out of uniform and into graduate school is a daunting task. Don’t go it alone. Everyone needs a coach. nxtU coaches you throughout the entire process: from identifying and researching programs, completing all admissions requirements, selecting a program, and preparing to thrive academically, socially, physically, and financially.

About nxtU

nxtU helps young adults between the ages of 14-29 reach their full potential and to identify and prepare for what’s next – whether that is in graduate school, college, high school, athletics, an internship or apprenticeship, or working in the trades.

Everyone has potential; some need help realizing it.  nxtU provides that help.

At its core, nxtU is a comprehensive coaching- and planner-based academic and mental performance consulting firm that helps talented young adults reach their full potential, live disciplined, reflective, and deliberate lives, and prepare for what’s next – academically, professionally, socially, and financially.

Given this focus, nxtU consults with organizations, companies, and institutions who work with or employ young adults (coaches / educators / employers) to improve their capacity to get the most out of their Millennial and Generation Z teammates.

We specialize in custom-tailored:
·      Graduate and Undergraduate Admissions Programming
·      Sports and Mental Performance Coaching and Consulting
·      Executive Function, Intangible, and Core Skills Development
·      Leadership, Teamwork, Accountability, and Culture Training

“As I neared the end of my five-year commitment as an Army officer, I decided to transition to a new career in the civilian world. I initially considered a wide variety of options, ranging from entry-level corporate jobs to a pursuit of higher education. Despite these options, the transition proved overwhelming – I didn’t know what to do. That’s when I reached out to Sean at nxtU. Through invaluable discussions and consistent correspondence, he led me to identify my strengths and passions, match these characteristics to potential careers, and create a roadmap for “what’s next.” Sean’s mentorship guided me to pursue a career as a physician, though his assistance didn’t stop there. As I subsequently applied to premedical post-baccalaureate programs, Sean constantly revised my essays and helped me build robust application packets. Ultimately, his tireless work proved instrumental to my acceptance into one of the nation’s top programs at Bryn Mawr College. To anyone facing a critical professional or educational decision, I highly recommend the outstanding services of nxtU.” – Peter S., USMA

“After deciding to end my service as an Army Officer, I knew that I wanted to attend a top-tier business school to expand my knowledge base. I turned to the leadership team at nxtU to help with my transition. Sean Cleveland personally provided vital domain knowledge and guidance throughout my application process. With his extensive help and experience, I was admitted to Columbia Business School. I strongly recommend nxtU services to anyone who is approaching a critical pivot point in their professional career.” – Asika I., USMA

About nxtU Academic Coaching and Consulting Services


nxtU helps transitioning military officers and other young professionals identify, apply to, and thrive in law, medical, business, and other graduate school programs. Whether you are looking for a top-tier B-school, a highly selective law school, or a medical program that meets your specific needs, we help you prepare for what’s next.

We coach you throughout the entire process – from preparing for standardized tests and researching potential programs to applying, interviewing, and gaining admission to the program that is not only perfect for you but also affords the opportunity to excel both inside and outside the classroom.

Transitioning officers and young professionals have a lot to offer elite-level graduate programs. Directors of Graduate Studies appreciate the breadth of personal and professional experience, intelligence, discipline, and maturity these professionals bring to their program cohorts and the campus community as a whole.

Nevertheless, returning to the classroom after a break of five or ten years can be difficult. Finding the graduate program that meets all of your needs – academically, financially, socially, and geographically – is essential. The stakes are high as admissions requirements change every year, acceptance rates fall, and the marketplace grows increasingly competitive and complex.

Don’t navigate this transition alone. Prepare for what’s next.

Academy Connection

A graduate of the United States Military Academy (’92) with an M.A. from Arizona State University and a Ph.D. from Texas Tech, Sean Cleveland draws upon 28 years of leadership as a military police officer in the US Army, multiple combat deployments, and 16 years in diverse roles in higher education. He has served as a success coach in a PAC-12 athletics department, an instructor and advisor in an alternative admissions program at a Big-12 university, and as both a junior and senior rotating faculty member at West Point, where he worked extensively with NCAA athletes.

After retiring from active duty, Sean served as a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Department of English, Fine Arts, and Communication and as the Assistant Director of the Center for Excellence and Innovation in Teaching and Learning and Distance Education at The Citadel in Charleston, South Carolina – where he and his family now live. Working with young adults and transitioning young professionals and military officers, he focuses on deliberate planning, establishing and achieving specific outcomes and objectives, and developing the “whole person” for sustained intellectual, personal, and professional success.