If you are an experienced attorney looking to upgrade your legal services practice, you should consider the opportunities available at Parlatore Law Group. Benefits of working at Parlatore Law Group include:

  • Increased compensation rates by retaining a much larger percentage of your billable revenue than you would at a traditional law firm.
  • Freedom and flexibility to work from any location. Cloud commuting makes shuttling back and forth to an office everyday obsolete.
  • No minimum billable hours.
  • Earn a percentage of fees collected from all work performed for clients you bring to Parlatore Law Group, even if another partner is doing the work.
  • Equity based recruiting bonus.
  • Better quality of life.

Parlatore Law Group offers these benefits and more to motivated and capable attorneys through innovative implementation of the “cloud-based law firm” model.

With limited exceptions, we do not recruit partners with less than five years experience.

Parlatore Law Group has no requirement that work experience be from a large firm or in-house council at a large company.

About Parlatore Law Group

Our attorneys are all carefully selected experts in various practice areas, who have demonstrated track records of success and several years experience in the legal industry. Founded by a military veteran, both the culture and ethos of the firm draw heavily upon that experience resulting in a mission oriented, client focused approach. All attorneys and employees at Parlatore Law Group share in this mindset and the firm draws from a talent pool that is as skilled as it is diverse. The result is an energetic, mission-oriented team who is eager to work together to achieve the best results for their clients.

Cloud-based technology allows Parlatore Law Group to operate very similarly to traditional firms in terms of organizational structure, in that attorneys continue utilizing the bookkeeping, administrative and paralegal support that they are accustomed to, but the need for a physical office is eliminated. Like the attorneys at Parlatore Law Group, our support staff cloud-commutes.

The most significant advantage of the cloud-based model is that attorneys can earn more while billing less, without sacrificing quality of work product. Since Parlatore Law Group requires such a small percentage of revenue for overhead, our partners keep a much higher percentage of the fees they collect, instead of having to satisfy the demands of heavy overhead expenses. These savings can be passed on to clients by charging significantly reduced hourly fees.