Veterans ASCEND was created by a veteran who is also a certified HR professional. Taking from her transition out of the military, and subsequent work in the Human Resources field, Robyn Grable learned a few things:

1) Veterans can have a hard time translating their military experience into skills for the civilian sector hiring process.

2) Veterans spend countless hours on job boards submitting resumes and never receive feedback.

3) Employers across the country can have a hard time connecting with veterans even if they are close to a military installation.

4) Employers may not understand a military resume and how a veteran’s military experience translates to the skills they need for their company.

5) Factor in the limited time HR departments have to review resumes, and veterans can be quickly overlooked for positions where they can use their skills to help a business succeed.

The Veterans ASCEND model answers the call, reversing the hiring process, decreasing time to hire, and allowing the employer to see how the veteran’s skills fit across the organization.

Veterans and veteran spouses are eligible to register for free in the Veterans ASCEND database. They will also have the opportunity to register for other Talents ASCEND databases, when available and applicable. Registered companies will have access to candidates who match their open positions based on three criteria:

– Skills
– Desired location
– Desired compensation

Contact edhenkler@theblindguide.com to learn more.

About The Blind Guide, LLC

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Ed Henkler (USNA '78) is the Founder of The Blind Guide, LLC. After 10 years in the Surface Navy nuclear power fleet, he joined Merck & Co., Inc. Most of his time at Merck was in the Research Division, providing strategic planning and operations suppport, including management of a $1 Billion annual capital plan. After early retirement from Merck, he has pursued a passion borne of his mother's loss of sight to macular degeneration. He is making the world more accessible for people who are blind.

The Blind Guide, LLC

Ensuring that people who have lost their vision shift their goals from surviving to thriving. Dedicated to people experiencing vision loss and those that love them.

Based on our Founder's career history, we have a special focus on increasing the employment of veterans, veteran and military spouses, people with disabilities (especially blindness), and their intersectionalities (e.g. blinded veteran).

The Blind Guide, LLC partners with a number of veteran-owned small businesses and the National Industries for the Blind to create meaningful employment opportunities with mainstream compensation.