Redbox+ is a construction site services company. On most construction sites, contractors are required by law to have a waste container and a porta-toilet. For contractors, this results in two phone calls, two invoices, two pick-ups and multiple pick up charges. Redbox+ is a patented roll off container and porta-toilet in one. Eliminating work and saving money for contractors. In addition to the waste container combination; redbox+ roll-off trucks are fitted with an on-board tarp system, hoist, a pump and vacuum apparatus to service the portable toilets, skid guards, and equipment storage compartments. The pump and vac system includes holding tanks for fresh and waste-water containment allowing for the portable toilets to be serviced on-site before contents of the container are disposed of. Splash caps fit snugly into the toilet openings and locks are used to secure the doors during the disposal process.

Established: 2007
First Unit Franchised: 2014
Franchised Units: 250+

Cash Investment: $150,000
Total Investment: $421,015 – 512,742
Minimum Net Worth: $500,000
Franchise Fee: $49,500

Function of the owner/daily tasks Semi-Absentee Model:
1) 5-10 hours a week required
2) Scheduling
3) Finance
4) Marketing

Owner Operator Model:
1) Scheduling
2) Route planning
3) Waste container delivery & pickup 4) Waste and waste water disposal
5) Inventory management
6) Maintenance
7) Administrative and bookkeeping activities
8) Marketing

IDEAL CANDIDATE: No Construction or Waste Experience, outgoing likable personality, and well connected in the community. Husband and Wife teams work well in our business.

About Tracer Consulting

I am a USNA '14 grad and a certified franchise consultant. The listings I have are franchises with veteran discounts, their business model plays to the strengths of veterans (leadership, ability to follow a plan, planning/logistics, etc), they have proven records of success, and the potential for great returns. If you want to learn about other franchise opportunities, opportunities in other locations or other industries please contact me.

I can also help you find funding partners that will help you obtain a loan. The two major SBA loans are: 1) The Express Loan which is used for home based franchises, is up to $150,000, requires and 10% cash injection, and no collateral.  2) A standard loan that can be used for non-home based franchises, is up to $5 million, requires a 20%-30% cash injection, and requires collateral. For either of these loans, the rates are prime +2.75% (currently totaling 6%) and if you are funded before September 27, 2020 then the government will pay for the first 6 months of your loan- they are doing this to encourage entrepreneurship during the corona virus pandemic.