Since 2008, Footprints Floors has excelled as a family owned and operated, one-of-a-kind, versatile flooring business, great floors and great impressions are what we are all about! Over the past decade we have managed crews that are masters the installation of vinyl, laminate, tile, stone, and specialize in the installation and restoration of hardwood. At Footprints Floors, we operate with a true sense of honesty and fairness and pride ourselves on providing outstanding customer service from the initial call to the final payment. We offer prompt free estimates and never charge extra, or require our clients to hire another company to move furniture, plumbing, or appliances. Our dedication to the services we provide has allowed us to quickly become the largest flooring contractor in the state of Colorado!

Footprints Floors might sound like a traditional flooring company, but we are far from it. We have taken the standard idea of a flooring business and reinvented it to be simpler, more efficient, and extremely cost effective for our Franchise Owners. We are a home-based opportunity with minimal overhead as we do not have any showrooms or samples. Our Franchise Owners simply act as consultants while working with customers. They determine what their client is looking for, complete the estimate, and then allow the customer to source the flooring from anywhere they see fit, there is no hardcore selling with our concept!

To make it even more straightforward, our corporate team makes the phone ring and then answers it! This is a highly assisted franchise concept where corporate not only helps to generate customers, but also provides Franchise Owners with a corporate call center that fields all customer calls, completes scheduling, and handles the inevitable complaint. We have truly laid down all the necessary footwork to ensure our Owner success.

Total Investment: $65,500 – $91,600
Minimum Net Worth: $75,000

Veterans receive a 10% discount and the founder is a veteran himself so he communicates well with veteran franchise owners.

At Footprints Floors, we are looking for individuals who share our vision for providing an industry-leading service. They are self-motivated, goal oriented, and eventually, want to grow into multiple units while bringing customers in their markets a one-of-a-kind flooring product and experience.

Franchise Owners do not need flooring experience or knowledge as they do not perform the flooring services themselves, they oversee the business from a management standpoint. Because of this, they must be problem solvers who are able to stay organized with a myriad of tasks and demands. They also must love people and be able to provide excellent customer service. We are also looking for the following characteristics:

-Business acumen
-Sales & management experience
-Customer service oriented
-Ability to multi-task
-Organized, punctual, accountable
-Multi-unit capable
-Strong communication skills
-Motivated & outgoing
-Typical Day of a Franchise Owner:

Owner-Operators are hands-on daily in the business. Tasks can include:

-Conducting sales estimates and consultations with customers
-Overseeing jobs
-Collecting contracts, deposits, and final payment
-Managing general bookkeeping and administration tasks
-Creating and maintaining business relationships with subcontractors and vendors

Semi-Absentee Owners will put a strong Production Coordinator in place. Tasks can include:

-Overseeing the Production Coordinator
-Managing payroll and other high level admin tasks

See a video from the founder of Footprints Floors here!

About Tracer Consulting

I am a USNA '14 grad and a certified franchise consultant. The listings I have are franchises with veteran discounts, their business model plays to the strengths of veterans (leadership, ability to follow a plan, planning/logistics, etc), they have proven records of success, and the potential for great returns. If you want to learn about other franchise opportunities, opportunities in other locations or other industries please contact me.

I can also help you find funding partners that will help you obtain a loan. The two major SBA loans are: 1) The Express Loan which is used for home based franchises, is up to $150,000, requires and 10% cash injection, and no collateral.  2) A standard loan that can be used for non-home based franchises, is up to $5 million, requires a 20%-30% cash injection, and requires collateral. For either of these loans, the rates are prime +2.75% (currently totaling 6%) and if you are funded before September 27, 2020 then the government will pay for the first 6 months of your loan- they are doing this to encourage entrepreneurship during the corona virus pandemic.