Founded in 1985, PuroSystems, Inc. is a leader in the franchise restoration industry, having launched PuroClean, which has become one of the fastest growing property damage remediation franchise organizations in North America. With a network of over 250 offices, PuroClean touches the lives of people in communities throughout the country by providing 24-hour property emergency restoration services.

PuroClean, a fire and water damage restoration company, as well as a mold and mildew removal company also offers biohazard cleanup services. Serving residential and commercial property owners in the United States and Canada, PuroClean Franchisees help families and businesses overcome the trauma of property damage and loss through responsiveness, exceptional restoration service and compassion.

Our ‘rescue’ work ethic has earned PuroClean the reputation of being known as “The Paramedics of Property DamageTM”. If you are looking for a fast and reliable fire and water damage restoration company, mold and mildew removal company, or if you require biohazard cleanup services, look no further than your local PuroClean franchise.

Total Investment: $72,765 – $192,615

We have one of the biggest veteran discounts in the country and all of our suppliers give veteran discounts which will help your bottom line forever!

We provide third party financial assistance.

Day to day:

During the ramp up of the business our owners are required to wear a variety of hats – business development/marketing, project management and operations, customer service, etc. All of our new owners are trained a certified to perform water and fire restoration services, and during the early phases of the business they may be required to “roll up their sleeves” and assist their technicians from time to time. Our main goal is to have our owners direct a team. As the business grows, we expect them to methodically delegate the various responsibilities to employees and ultimately become a general manager of the business and be working on the business. The starting business unit is a vehicle, an initial equipment package, the owner/operator, and a trained technician or two. This is very much a ‘relationship’ business – candidates do not have to sales and business development experience, but they should at least be comfortable in a networking role and spending time calling on insurance professionals, property managers and real estate agents, and various contractors.


Money: $200 – $250k net worth
Timeline: Ready to be in business in less than 6 months (3 months ideal)
Fit: Assertive driver, charitable, social, white collar with blue collar mentality, desire to partner with a successful franchisor

One of the most veteran friendly franchises around, click here to see a video of when we gave away a franchise to a veteran.

Click here to see a video about PuroClean!

Average earnings of Franchisees will be provided upon request.

PuroClean is available all over the country but the franchisor has identified Wisconsin as prime territory for growth.

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I am a USNA '14 grad and a certified franchise consultant. The listings I have are franchises with veteran discounts, their business model plays to the strengths of veterans (leadership, ability to follow a plan, planning/logistics, etc), they have proven records of success, and the potential for great returns. If you want to learn about other franchise opportunities, opportunities in other locations or other industries please contact me.

I can also help you find funding partners that will help you obtain a loan. The two major SBA loans are: 1) The Express Loan which is used for home based franchises, is up to $150,000, requires and 10% cash injection, and no collateral.  2) A standard loan that can be used for non-home based franchises, is up to $5 million, requires a 20%-30% cash injection, and requires collateral. For either of these loans, the rates are prime +2.75% (currently totaling 6%) and if you are funded before September 27, 2020 then the government will pay for the first 6 months of your loan- they are doing this to encourage entrepreneurship during the corona virus pandemic.