VetCor® is a restoration company that solves water and mold damage problems, and provides other related services, in commercial and residential properties, staffed by veterans of the U.S. military and those who share similar values. We are now offering franchise opportunities to veterans and their immediate family members.  VetCor® is an SBA Preferred Franchisor.


  • Join a team of veterans who share the culture, norms and values of the U.S. military
  • Be part of something bigger than yourself
  • Help ease the transition to civilian life and community
  • Raise the quality of life and standard of living for you and your family
  • Help create and expand the brand known for timely, reliable, quality service and the value of veterans
  • Help create even more sustainable and meaningful employment opportunities for our Nation’s heroes
  • Help close the gap between veterans and the society they served to protect and defend
  • Help restore integrity to an industry in dire need of reputable contractors
  • Sustain a legacy of service by providing needed services to customers after a disaster
  • Mitigate risk with a proven brand and processes, in a recession proof industry

Join a winning team, invest in your future with a growing company, and make a tough transition easier with a team who knows you and will help set you up for success.

How We Support Franchise Owners

You are in business for yourself, but not by yourself.  We have built the business processes, integrated strong business partnerships, and incorporated training by military veterans to ensure your teams are prepared to service your customers.

  • Dedicated franchisor-trained estimators to ensure the accuracy of your claims.
  • Dedicated Franchise Field Representative for on-going support
  • 2-Phase training: 1 week at Company HQ and 2 weeks at the franchisees site


  • Franchise Fee: $45,000, $35,000 for US Veterans
  • Royalties: 7% of Gross Revenue
  • Marketing Fee: 1% of Gross Revenue
  • Estimated Initial Investment:  $125,000 – $454,000 (Range variation due lease versus purchase option)

About VetCor Franchising

Academy Connection

Paul Huszar (USMA '90) is CEO, President & majority owner of VetCor LLC.  After a 23-year Army career with the Corps of Engineers, multiple deployments and Battalion-level command roles which culminated in his role as Director of Training and Leader Development (Dean) for the U.S. Army Engineer School, Paul turned his focus in building a company focused on creating opportunities for veterans.


Mike Long (USMA '94) is VP Franchise Development and also a franchisee, VetCor of Sarasota.  After completing his military commitment, Mike built a successful career in medical sales and sales management roles over 19 years, before joining VetCor Franchising.